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Wall cladding

Jidbox Design also offers several wall cladding solutions for indoor and outdoor use and provides products that meet both functional and decorative requirements, such as : thermal insulation, waterproofing, soundproofing, refined aesthetics … Jidbox Design has a range of wall cladding products as well as decorative panels that make a domestic home more fascinating or commercial premises more captivating.


Jidbox Design offers a wide choice and various types of flooring to effectively meet the demand of its customers while guaranteeing a quality service and product, including full coverage of the raw substrate, floor safety, waterproofing. as well as thermal and acoustic insulation.

Jidbox Design offers its customers several collections of various colors and shades.

Floor covering glue

Jidbox also offers an extra strong fast acrylic adhesive suitable for bonding homogeneous PVC floors and coverings: wall-to-wall carpet and needle-punched non-woven carpet, floor coverings with foam rubber backing or burlap and linoleum.

This solution applies only to the sub-floor until it partially dries, then the coating is applied to the entire surface.

Adhesion glue

Whether it is a floor or wall covering, Jidbox Design offers its customers the right bonding solution.

Adhesion Glue is one of our special and exclusive products. It is a specific glue, based on modified starch or methylcellulose, used as a wallpaper to stick all types of wallpaper to a wall, and to glue all types of vinyl laminate floors.

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